Here are the pages that comprise the 1959 Moor Allerton School Bulletin – a piece addressed directly to parents from the headmaster at the time Mr K. T. Tibbs (see point M on the fourth page: “Under no circumstances should this, or any similar paper, be given to the children to read for themselves”). The tone is very formal and direct, but it’s interesting to see that some issues change little over the decades, namely the cost and durability of school uniforms!

This item was kindly provided to us by a former pupil who was at the school between 1958 and 1962 and who got in touch via this website.

And so we enter into the summer term of this, our Centenary year. No doubts all pupils’ clothes will be freshly washed and neatly pressed and many will be wearing the summer version of their uniforms.

Looking into the archive, we’ve found uniform lists from around the 1950s…

Moor Allerton Clothing List

Clothing List 1

Clothing List 2