During the 1950’s it seems as though displays of this kind were a regular feature of Parent’s Days and other events at Moor Allerton School judging by the school’s old photograph albums. It can’t have been much fun being at the bottom of the pyramid, though it looks as though they put the biggest boys there, and put the smallest and lightest at the top!


Health and Safety legislation would probably rule out anything like this today – notice the complete lack of safety mats to provide a soft landing!





And so we enter into the summer term of this, our Centenary year. No doubts all pupils’ clothes will be freshly washed and neatly pressed and many will be wearing the summer version of their uniforms.

Looking into the archive, we’ve found uniform lists from around the 1950s…

Moor Allerton Clothing List

Clothing List 1

Clothing List 2


60 pages of history

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We’ve published snippets from this album previously, but here’s a flip-book version of the whole thing. The album covers the years 1936–1954 and offers a glimpse at the rich variety of life and activities during this period.

We’ll hopefully be focusing on individual pictures and events in more detailed posts in the future.


Have the parents of current pupils at the school been enjoying the latest batch of school photos which have been arriving in various formats and media over the last few weeks? Well here’s a couple of examples of how the whole school looked in the past. Are you or any of your family or friends in these line-ups? Please let us know.

Whole School Photograph – 1953

Whole School Photograph – 1953

Whole School Photograph – 1981

Whole School Photograph – 1981


1950_School_Mag_Image“Many great writers and thinkers have first expressed themselves in their School Magazine, and have no doubt that there are boys at Moor Allerton now, of whom it will be said, “He used to write for his School Magazine”.”

So writes headmaster Mr. W.S.V. Oliver in his foreword to the 1950 edition of the revived Moor Allerton School Magazine, reproduced here in full. A real labour of love, with a fascinating range of articles, reviews and opinions.

Do you have any copies of other Moor Allerton School Magazines? Perhaps you could scan and upload them here or email them to us at [email protected], or alternatively, if we could borrow them we can scan ourselves.