Celebrating 100 years of Moor Allerton School. 1914–2014

PE lessons are not what they were!

June 23rd, 2014 | Posted by Judith_Drever in 1950s | All work and no play....



During the 1950’s it seems as though displays of this kind were a regular feature of Parent’s Days and other events at Moor Allerton School judging by the school’s old photograph albums. It can’t have been much fun being at the bottom of the pyramid, though it looks as though they put the biggest boys there, and put the smallest and lightest at the top!


Health and Safety legislation would probably rule out anything like this today – notice the complete lack of safety mats to provide a soft landing!





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  • Richard Hunt says:

    Dear Moor Allerton – Happy birthday! I was a pupil between 1976 and 1981 and was regularly revived in class with a glass of cold water poured over my neck by Mr. Clarke. I’m sure I did chant ‘amo, amas, amat’ on a very regular basis, wore knee-length white socks on sports day, and did my best not to knock down the picture of Mr Pugh on the staircase (well that’s a lie, Dave O’Neill and I did our best to do the exact opposite one day) – all while writing every word I couldn’t give a dictionary explanation for in ‘Three Men in a Boat’, which for me meant pretty much writing the book out word for word. I now live in India, and work for the British Council – I’m in charge of training in West India. So there’s some line of continuity between then and now. I do have good memories of Moor Allerton, and I would like you to pass on a big hello to Mr Clarke – whom my parents spoke to recently. The one thing I loved more than anything else was playing sardines in Lyme Park, and I was very proud of my ability to outwit his sly cunning to track down most people – but he never caught me. Enjoy your cake, Moor Allerton.

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