There have of course been lots of changes to the school since its foundation in 1914, and this section deals with the story of the school’s development over the last 100 years as it expanded and adapted to changes in the wider world. From the upheaval of 2 world wars, to the construction and acquisition of new buildings, and the admittance of girls to the school, these changes are an important part of the Moor Allerton Story.

Over the last 100 years there have been lots of changes to Moor Allerton School and its surroundings – not least to the land immediately around the school building itself. Early photos offer tantalising glimpses of greenery, indicating that there were once gardens at both the front and the rear of the building. The following photograph in particular shows how extensive those gardens once were….


 We’d love to hear from anyone who knows exactly where this was, and when it disappeared…