Mike Clarke is a former Moor Allerton pupil, teacher then headmaster (1980–2000). Here he is being interviewed by Moor Allerton pupil Shrey Sureen in June 2013, giving us his recollections of his time as head of the school.

Some more pages from the photo album showing some of the staff and pupils from the late 1930s.

One of the star finds we’ve made in going through the Moor Allerton archive is this photograph album which charts every day life at the school between 1936 and 1955. It gives a fascinating insight into what went on at the school. As these first few pages from the start of the album show, some of them are familiar and still go on today – swimming trips and sports matches (how about a Dads [and Mums] v Lads [and Lasses] centenary cricket match, Mr Millard?!); but some of them seem very strange, such as the boxing competitions, mentioned in previous posts!

Look out for more pages from the album appearing here very soon.